Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to One, Two, Theme!

Hi there!

This is Alex from The Sleepless Reader and Joanna from It's All About Me.

We both live in Brussels (although neither of us is Belgian), we met in the blogosphere and we're co-hosting this challenge.

When we met up it turned out that we're both curious about pretty much everything and we always want to know more, more, more about specific topics.  We're sure that there are a lot of book lovers who feel the same, so we decided to organize this themed challenge.

Pick at least three themes and dive in - you can read the rules here, but basically each theme you pick is a separate block. For block one you need to read one book, for block two, two books and so on. From block two onwards you must have at least one each of fiction and non-fiction books.

To share all the fabulous themed booklists with you, we'll be collecting them on the “Themes” page. It should be a pretty eclectic mix and you might find other people with similar interests!

We're aware that this might get complicated, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to email us.

Half (maybe more?) of the fun is choosing your themes - we already decided on ours of course! Join us and sign up here.

Have fun!
Alex & Joanna


  1. Sounds like a great challenge! It's a bit more challenging for someone like me, who does like to read non-fiction but is reluctant to pick it up.

    The only thing... I wasn't going to commit to any challenges in 2011 and I'm counting about 5 so far already.

    One Teo Theme is very easy to combine with other challenges. So: is this allowed? Can I use Japan as a theme and Steampunk and so at the same time work on the Japanese Literature Challenge and the Steampunk Challenge?

  2. Good questions and we'll add that line to the "rules". Yes, perfectly ok to combine, I will do so for sure. Which challenges are you thinking of joining I haven't looked around much but will definitely sign up for some.

  3. success and fun for this great challenge!! A.R.

  4. Oh, that's really good, that we can combine. At the moment, I'm considering these challenges:

    South Asian Challenge
    Japanese Literature Challenge
    Feminist Challenge
    Steampunk challenge
    Books for a Dutch fiction prize
    A selection of books from different countries that have been suggested by participants in the Book Bloggers Abroad event.

  5. Japan would make a really cool theme... sigh. :-)

    I'm glad you're thinking of joining us, it'll be fun!

  6. Count me in! I'm going to be theme-reading next year so this is just perfect.

  7. Fun!!! Signed up but I have no idea which themes I'm going to choose yet :)

  8. Hi Maree,

    Just let us know when you have your themes so that we add them to the list under Themes A-Z!

    Hope you have fun!

  9. This sounds like a fun challenge. I will send some themes as soon as I decide what I will look at.

  10. I will be doing Young Adult, Published before 2000 and Crime...for now at least.

  11. If I can come up three good themes, I'm in. I announced that I'm thinking about joining this challenge:

  12. I'm excited to get started on this challenge!

  13. I finished my first book for the challenge and was wondering whether the Mr. Linky is up already on the reviews page. It looks like the sign-up Mr. Linky....

  14. This challenge looks like a lot of fun. My themes (in order) are the Smithsonian, discovery, and mythology. I can't wait to get started!

  15. thanks for doing this challange. My theme will be books, mysteries, and people involed with them.,
    kim in ohio

  16. I had more themes than I felt I could cope with so have cut them back and have signed up.

  17. Alex - Great, looking forward to that!

    Blair - you may have misunderstood, by 'themes' we mean subjects rather than genres... Have a look at the themes page to see what subjects others have chosen, that should give you an idea.

    Beth - I'm SURE you can come up with three themes! ;-)

    Ikkin-bot - me too! :-)

    Rikki - it should be a separate one now, thanks for letting us know!

    Alysha - great themes!

    Kim - sounds like fun!

    falaise - I keep wanting to add more and more - everybody else's themes sound so interesting! :-)

  18. I found this challenge by way of Cathy's Scene of the Blog :) and I must say I LOVE it!

    I am not sure if I can formally commit, but last year I started theme reading in the area of Impressionism Art and I will definitely continue that this year. I will give some thought to two other possibilities.

    I will definitely follow the success of the other participants throughout the year.

  19. @Molly: Hello there! I do hope you decied to join us and if not, maybe next year?

    Anything arts-related seems to be a popular theme (one of my themes is art restoration/business).

  20. I've decided not to participate, so if it's possible to remove my linky I would appreciate it.

  21. I'm excited about joining this challenge (although I'm a bit late in getting to it). For my themes, I think I'm doing 5 (!): Pakistani culture, Nazi resistance, Female Psychology, the Tudor Court, and the 1960s.

  22. Hi Jessi! The more the merrier, we say! You are very welcome. I'll add your themes to the list :)

  23. I hope I'm not too late to join. I posted my first blog entry today. My themes are China, WWII, Food, and France. This sounds like a great way to work on my TBR list. Thanks!